Serverless Status Page system

Build and maintain your status page with minimum effort and cost

Get Started
It eases your pain caused by the scaling / availability issues. It is terrible if your service is down AND heavy traffic from stuck users stops your status page.
A status page only occasionally gets huge traffic. The system takes $1 per 30,000 visitors and almost $0 if no visitors.
Just a Few Clicks
Everything to launch the system is written as the code. You can build your status page with a few clicks!
No limitations on features and the number of subscribers/team members/metrics!


Incidents and Maintenance
If a issue happens, create a new incident to tell the situations immediately to your users. When a maintenance is planned, publish a schedule so that your users know the unavailability in advance.
Show the metrics like the response time to numerically represent your service's status. It can be easily integrated with your monitoring services via built-in integration.
Notifications enable your users to keep in touch with your service. LambStatus supports the notification by the email and the rss.
Integrate with your existing systems by our simple REST API! It enables you to create and update an incident, submit the metrics data, and so on.
Responsive & Customizable
The status page is displayed well on both desktop and mobile devices. Further, you can customize it to show off your brand!
Support 10+ Regions
Choose the region different from your service's region so that the region outage doesn't affect your status page!